Parent Reviews:

"As a mother of two children on the autism spectrum, let me first applaud Sara Park for her wonderfully written book, "Clever Carter".There is such a need to educate adults, and typical children as well on autism.  With autism rates on the rise, it is so important for everyone to have an understanding of what autism is and that people with autism are intelligent and have the same feelings as anyone. This book is wonderfully illustrated, and for young preschool and elementary school kids, the book does a wonderful job explaining autism through its main character, Carter. What I like about the book is that when Carter is showing a particular behavior, like covering his ears, it gives the reader an explanation on why he might do that. Or if he needs to move around, or make sounds, an explanation is provided on why Carter might have needed to show that behaviour. Mainly though, it teaches young kids about differences. We are all different and yet aren't we also the same? We have the same feelings, frustrations, need for friendship and acceptance. This book does a wonderful job of showing that. I think this book should be in the library of all schools and in public libraries. Wonderfully done!"
Karin Schuetze Mother of two wonderful boys on the Autism Spectrum - Volunteer at The Golden Hat Foundation

"The illustrations and vocabulary are right on target for a young audience learning about a classmate or friend with autism.  The simple language shares some big ideas in an easy way.  This is definitely something each classroom should talk about, and this book would be a good spring board to having some discussions about why some kids are different and how we should treat each other.  Enjoyed reading Clever Carter!" Nicole Tyler

"Integrating your child into school is stressful for any parent, so imagine what it's like when your child has autism. Not only do you worry about your child's transition, there is additional worry around friend and peer acceptance. Although no two children with autism are the same, "Clever Carter" is a way to introduce peers to some of the behaviours often observed in their friends with autism. It is a wonderful resource that will help create a classroom of learning and friendship."  Julie Cole, proud Mama of six and co-founder of Mabel's Labels

"Clever Carter is a wonderfully written and illustrated book looking from inside the world of Autism.  This book is not only about ASD; it is about Carter, a boy beloved and cherished by his mom. Sara Park has brilliantly captured the experience of Autism through the process of discovery and acceptance for the eyes of children. This book will inform you, embrace you and warm your heart"

Jennifer O’Brien, Mom of a child with Autism - Autism and Behavioral Science

Clever Carter

A Story About Autism