Educator Reviews:


"An excellent tool for primary teachers to use in the classroom to introduce the concept of autism.  Through simple language and wonderfully expressive illustrations, "Clever Carter" shows how children with autism can be just like other children, and the ways and whys in which they are different.  Most importantly, this story teaches children how they can be a friend to a child with autism.  By introducing these concepts early, teachers can help to demystify autism, an important step on the road to acceptance."~ Catherine  McConnell BA, BSW, RSW Director, Kalyana Support Systems

"I had a chance to read the story "Clever Carter" and as an Educational Resource Worker/Early Childhood Educator, I believe this story would be a great resource for our primary classes. I have looked for stories on Autism but have only been able to come across books on Down syndrome. I would love to add "Clever Carter" to our classroom collections."~ Veronica Duggan REW/ECE

"I have just read your book "Clever Carter". You have done an amazing job. This is a great book! I would definitely read this book to my class. I think it is a great book to teach children about autism and the rhyming is very appealing to children. Thank you for sharing this wonderful book with me." ~ Tracy Abel RECE Teacher "A wonderfully written story for all educators and professionals who support children. A developmentally appropriate story for children to understand behaviour as a mode of communication." ~ Lori O Connor Supervisor, Child and Family Unit Special Needs

​"I thought this story captured and astutely illustrated the characteristics unique to a child diagnosed with Autism, yet captured the characteristics unique to 'Carter' himself. Very 'clever' story."~Marisa Wiens, BA in Psychology with a minor in Counseling and Human Development Behaviour Interventionist

"With Clever Carter, Sara Park has created a child friendly story with a refreshing way to talk about the challenges her son Carter faces as a child with autism.  Although it is specific to Carter, it does provide a nice framework for parents to create their own stories about their children's special needs.  Introducing stories like Clever Carter at an early age can help children become comfortable with differences, encouraging the development of more harmonious and supportive relationships as they move through the school years." ~ Mary King Lyons Social Worker (over 30 years working in the field of disability)

"This book is a great resource both inside and outside the classroom! It's charming, witty and beautifully illustrates the similarities and differences of children afflicted by Autism."~ Rebekah Robb Executive Director of Unity for Autism

"Coming from a parent, you have captured all of the wonderful characteristics of your son and at the same time, showing his peers and teachers how to respond and understand the different things he may exhibit when playing or learning.  I would highly recommend this book as a learning tool for kids and staff as it is clear about how to support Carter but does it in a light and charming way."~ Judy Pryde Executive Director of Community Living Burlington

"I want to commend you on the absolutely fabulous job that you did on your story telling abilities. You have used lay terms to sharply detail feelings, events, and emotions. Illustrations were lively and had a warmth."~ Karen Thadani, M.Cl., Sc., S-LP


"What a beautiful, well written book! As an Early Childhood Educator I have worked with children for over 30 years. I also have a child who is “different” than her classmates and we celebrate those differences as much as we can! Thank you so much for writing a book that is easy for children to understand and for educators and parents to present and discuss in such a lovely, honest and down- to- earth manner. A delightful read !"~ Tracy Grant, ECE

Clever Carter

A Story About Autism