Clever Carter

A Story About Autism

Dear Reader,
“Clever Carter” was developed as a resource to assist in the educating of children about  Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Through Carter, the story teaches about the common characteristics of children on the Autism Spectrum. We understand that the abilities, traits and behaviors of each child vary greatly, so, questions were created to relate the story to additional children on the spectrum.

The questions below are to be asked of the child/children by the parent or educator at the end of the reading.

-Does _________like to flick his/her fingers when he/she is excited? If not, how might he/she show you that he/she is excited or happy, if, like Carter, it’s hard for him/her to talk?

-Does _________ like to be cuddled the way that Carter does?

-How does __________show you when he/she is feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, if, like Carter, it’s hard for him/her to talk?

-Is there an item that provides comfort to _________when he/she is feeling overwhelmed or scared? Like a favorite chair or a special vest?  Is there a certain item that provides comfort to you? Maybe a teddy bear or a favorite blanket?

-Do loud noises hurt _________’s sensitive ears? Is it all noise, or only a specific sound? Like a fire alarm or the sound of clapping hands? What noises bother your ears?

-Does  ___________enjoy letters and numbers like “Clever Carter” does?

-“Clever Carter” is great at spelling words and solving puzzles. What sort of things is __________ great at? What sort of things are you great at?

These questions will help the children to see the similarities among those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and themselves, and to think about the reasons behind the behaviors of the individuals on the spectrum.  By educating about the behaviors and characteristics of ASD you are assisting in the understanding, acceptance and inclusion of those on the Autism Spectrum within the community.


Thank you for helping to spread awareness.


Sara Park

**As printed in the "Clever Carter" book.**