Featured in South Asian Woman's Magazine, Spring 2013 edition.

"An Expedition through Autism" www.southasianwoman.ca

 Featured in the Hamilton & District Council of Co-Operative Preschools Corp. Integration Program

Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter- Volume 11, page 10. 

Book review on Specialneedsbookreview.com: http://www.specialneedsbookreview.com/2015/04/22/clever-carter-a-story-about-autism-written-and-illustrated-by-sara-park/

Guest post and contest on the Mabel’s Labels blog: http://mabelhood.com/talking-to-children-about-autism/

Featured in "Autism Matters" Magazine, Winter 2016 edition

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HDCCP Spring/Summer 2013 Newsletter

South Asian Woman's magazine, Spring 2013 edition

Clever Carter

A Story About Autism